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Smena 8M Spool Replacement.

Since buying my Zenit’s last year I have been wanting to build on my Russian camera collection and I did by buying the Smena 8M.

For someone who has no idea about these cameras at first glance it looks just like a bog standard camera that has no special/different features.

photo 3

It was not till I opened her up that I noticed that something was missing……

photo 1

I had no idea that these little buggers don’t come with a built in take up spool, my first reaction was to check eBay to see how much they are and it would cost me more then the camera! I did a bit of digging online and saw that the spools inside film canisters work so I got hold of a exposed test film and opened it up with a bar blade.

a (2)a (1) a (3)

I was surprised at just how easy it came open and that the spool inside was the perfect fit!


photo 2

This has made me a happy snapper because not only has it saved me about £10 but it means I get to use this little beauty from Lomo.


In The Post

So this week has been quite busy for our postman.

The girlfriend and I are fans of oil/tart burners and have a small collection of scents…….now, I have always loved incense sticks but the girlfriend has not really been much of a fan but we agreed to take the plunge and buy some.

photo 3 photo 2

As you can see we (when I say we I mean I) bought quite a few different scents. With the holder I bought Angels’s Touch which has quite a cool manly smell. We also found someone who had a buy 5 get 2 free offer so we thought ‘why not?’ and ordered Lime, Nag Champa, Orange & Cinnamon, Sandlewood, Coconut, Strawberry and Honeysuckle. Not had the chance to burn any of these as they has only just come this morning but I have opened them all to have a smell and they are beautiful!

Next up I saw what was advertised as a 110 Diana clone called a Snappy and it was going for £1 so I placed a bid and won it! It just come this morning and while unboxing it I thought it looked a bit big and it turns out its a 120 camera! Im not that fussed that it’s for a different film but I am glad I didnt order some 110 film to go with it.

photo 4

Did a quick test and all the features are working but the only problem is that the lens comes off and exposes all the shutter mechanism but that can easily be sorted with a little bit of glue. Im thinking the girlfriend will be wanting to play with this one once we get some nice weather and days off together.

And last but no means least is my last purchase. I have been after a Holga for over a year now and had no idea which one to get. I was after a 135 just for the ease of processing but when I saw this on eBay I had to take a chance.

photo 1

So I bought a Holga GCFN. As you can see it’s the camo model, im not a big fan of that but it’s easy enough to paint so that’s something I can think about doing in the near future. The Holga came boxed along with 5 rolls of Fujifilm Superia 400 which cost about £5 per roll which is great because the whole lot only cost £22!


I’ll be getting reviews of the cameras up when the weather picks up and when I find the best wayto get the 120 film developed.

Random Musings

So I was just sat here listening to all the ‘alt’ music from the late 90’s early 00’s that I used to listen to and just randomly though about what relaxes me. I do the usual and enjoy nice relaxing baths and chilling with music on but what I find that works best with me is being out and about with a camera.

When I am out walking I just pop in my headphones and disconnect myself from the outside world while wondering through areas that I wouldn’t normally go to. I enjoy looking at things differently, looking at things from angles you normally wouldn’t use and getting really up close.

It sounds a bit ’emo’ and ‘hippy’ in the fact that I jot down random thoughts and ideas in a notebook I have (mainly because I tend to forget them) and just enjoy being outside. I find myself lucky because I live very close to the coast and can get there quite quickly (30mins walk or a 2mins train ride) but I don’t go as much as I should do, really do need to make a point in going there more often.

Now last but in no means least every Tuesday me and the girlfriend like to sit back and do our own things while listening/watching the new RAWtalk podcast on you. Now I am into photography where as the girlfriend is not so into it but she looks forward to Tuesdays and the latest episode, yea we can listen to it the day before by downloading the podcast but we find it easier and funnier when we can see Jared and the 2 Stephens.

Time to relax, have a nice long soak a big brew and cake while watching Rawtalk. Good times!

Camera Review – Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 Basic


The Fisheye Baby 110 Basic from Lomography is a tiny little toy camera that takes 110 film and currently Lomography is the only company that makes film of that size even tho you can still find some expired film on various sites.

It has a 170-degree lens, bulb mode (for long exposures) and is capable of multiple exposure straight out of the box.

I knew this was a small camera but it was not till I got my hands on it that I realised just how small it is! Im not joking when I say you can wear it as a necklace, it really is that small

How Small

See what I mean? There is it next to a normal 35mm film canister. Not only is it small but it’s also really light.

At the moment there is only 3 films being made for the 110 cameras and they are Colour Tiger, Lobster Redscale and B&W Orca. When I for it I opted for the Orca because I have never shot with  black and white film before and thinking back maybe I should of gone for the colour film because most of my shots came out extremely under exposed but i’ll make that up as a lesson learnt .

Baby Fisheye 110 (1) Baby Fisheye 110 (2) Baby Fisheye 110 (3)

Well I love it, we can blame this little camera for getting me hooked on film cameras and for making me want/need this cameras big brother (Lomography Fisheye 2) and a fisheye lens for my Zenits. It’s great for days out with friends and family because it’s so small you dont have to worry about it taking up too much space, just pop it round your neck or in your pocket! I must remember to get some films ready for summer 😉

Camera Review – Olympus Superzoom 140 S


This is yet another one of my many eBay finds (I get most of my cameras from there). The camera came in the original box and all the booklets, the only extra I needed to buy was a CR123A battery but yet again I got one from eBay.

I did what I always do when I buy a new camera and that’s look online for reviews and what a surprise I count not find any but that is to be expected because it’s not one of the highly sought after 35mm cameras.

The 140 S is a great little breeze to load, you put the film in like normal and close the back but it then winds it on for you and does the same after every shot. The auto focus is something new to me but easy to get used to, when looking through the viewfinder you can see a small cross and this is where it will focus but if you are wanting to focus on something closer then just put the cross on what you want in focus then press the shutter button half way then compose the shot again before taking the picture.

I have only used this once and really should take it out again because what came out was amazing, probably one of the best cameras I have (apart from my beloved Zenits) and should take it out for Film Photography Day on the 12th.

Here is just a small selection of pictures I got with it. They were shot on Fujicolor C200 which is a nice and cheap film at £1 a roll! Also im sorry for the quality of the scans, they were done on a old Kodak printer/scanner and keeps leaving some nasty scan lines. I really do need to get a decent film scanner!!

Olympus Superzoom 140s (2) Olympus Superzoom 140s (4) Olympus Superzoom 140s (1)

Camera Review – BV 991

 photo WP_000308_zps4cb5ba3b.jpg

A little review of the BV 991. I found this little beauty on eBay while window shopping for a bargain, I think it cost about £3 in total including the postage and as a bonus it came with a film (Expired Fujicolor C200). It’s a basic no frills 35mm point and shoot camera with a 35mm plastic lens.

My first outing with the camera was a weekend away to Bridlington with the girlfriend. I used the Fujicolor film that came with it and scanned the pictures with a Kodak ESP 3250.

Despite having a small collection of cameras this was one of the cheapest and has quickly become one of our favorite cameras. Because of it’s size and weight we always take it out on trips and get quite a few funny looks from people when they see us take a picture then wind on the film.

I can hold my hands up and say that I am really impressed with how the pictures turned out, I thought that I would of had some trouble with light leaks but didn’t get anything like that what so ever but one thing I did get was a slight vignetting.

BV991 (4)  BV991 (2) BV991 (3)BV991 (5)

Camera Challenge?

So I saw on another blog (can’t remember the blog for the life of me) that someone did a camera challenge where they set a £10 limit to bu 1 analogue camera a month on eBay and run at least 1 film through it.

Now, I have a fair few cameras…….most of them are cheap point and clicks but I think this challenge would force me to think out of the box and buy cameras I wouldn’t normally look at. I would try to use the same type of film in all the cameras to keep some sort of steadiness throughout the challenge.

So fingers crossed and I should be starting it next week if not I’ll have to wait a month but either way I will keep you updated.