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Black And White

I have been toying with the idea of developing black and white film at home, the outlay is quite a bit (about £100) but in the long run I’ll save loads but I’ll need a decent 35mm neg scanner and the half decent ones go for over £100!

Really like the idea of using ‘alternative’ processing methods like using coffee but I’ll also use the proper ways, I just want to experiment and build upon my rather basic photography knowledge.

I know I have quite a bit to learn about all the different films and the vast range of looks and feel you can get from them as well as trying to fin the one that feels perfect for me.

Does anyone have any advice on the chemicals? Any hidden film gems?


Photo Of The Week


I would like to introduce Lucie. She is our really timid house cat, she spends most of her time hiding from the dog and sleeping outside our bedroom door.

In The Post


Not got a lot through the post this week but I did get this. Yet another eBay purchase, some medium format Shanghai GP3 100. Now I am a complete and utter novice when it comes to 120 film and have only ever used 1 roll (well I say used but it’s still in the camera) of expired Illford HP5.

Just waiting for some nice sunny days so I can get out and get shooting!