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Just watched the first episode of Gotham………damn it was good! Loads of hints towards some of the more famous villains like Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, Poison Ivy and quite possibly the first spotting of the Joker? I personally think that we won’t get to see much of the funny man till the series is nearly over, they’ll keep feeding us little bits every now and then to keep us guessing.

The problem with shows like this is that the fans want/need so much info that it could put off the average viewer BUT Gotham feels like watching a short movie, it’s not force feeding the viewer loads of comic book geekery……yea there is plenty of things for us to spot like the names of people like Mr Nygma and a pointy nosed umbrella holding man called Oswald.

My problem with getting into a new show is having to wait another week to see the next episode!

If you like dark cinematic style programs/films and don’t mind a dash of comic books then get this watched asap!


Kindle Unlimited

Amazon have just anounced that Kindle Unlimited is available in the UK!!

For £7.99 a month we get acess to over 650,000 books and thousands of audio books on Kindle devices (no idea about the apps though)
This sounds great for the girlfriend as she is a bit ofa bookworm and can always be found reading something new where as I find it quite hard to find something but when I do I cant put it down till im finished.

When you sign up you get a 30 day trial so we might as well give it a go, hell I might even find a new series to get stuck into!

Been Away For Quite A While.

So yea, I have not been on here for quite a while now and thats down toa few things.

First off, the laptop broke and I did try to carry on posting from mtphone but I couldnt get on with the app and that leads onto the second thing.

Second thing, the iPhone WordPress app…….I hadnothing but trouble with it, it kept signing me out and wanting me to change my password which tobefair is quite annoying and after a bit I just gave up with it.

And last but no means least we moved! It was a quick decision and did eat up A LOT of our time in both moving and soorting the new place out but now we have it allsorted and we are settled down so fingres corssed i’ll be posting more often.

While being awayI did manage to pickup a few bits and bobs I found cheap like a Mamiya c220 at a local fair in a boxwith some other odds and sods going for £20!! Not had the chance to test her yet but I will get a review up on here when I have the chance.

Well thats about it really, i’ll try to keep on top of this from now on with some film/TV reviews.

See you soon!