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Smena 8M Spool Replacement.

Since buying my Zenit’s last year I have been wanting to build on my Russian camera collection and I did by buying the Smena 8M.

For someone who has no idea about these cameras at first glance it looks just like a bog standard camera that has no special/different features.

photo 3

It was not till I opened her up that I noticed that something was missing……

photo 1

I had no idea that these little buggers don’t come with a built in take up spool, my first reaction was to check eBay to see how much they are and it would cost me more then the camera! I did a bit of digging online and saw that the spools inside film canisters work so I got hold of a exposed test film and opened it up with a bar blade.

a (2)a (1) a (3)

I was surprised at just how easy it came open and that the spool inside was the perfect fit!


photo 2

This has made me a happy snapper because not only has it saved me about £10 but it means I get to use this little beauty from Lomo.


Film Photography On A Budget

The problem with film photography is the cost. I am on a rather tight budget and can only really use cheap films that are about £1 per roll and the cheapest place for me to get them developed is at my local boots and that costs £4.99 for 24exp and £5.99 for 36exp. I check eBay all the time to see if anyone is selling any film in bulk and I have come across some like 10 rolls of Tudor XLX 200 for £23 and 10 rolls of Solution VX 200 for £25. The problem with only buying the cheaper film is that it’s nearly always 200ISO or lower which is a bit crappy for the vast amount of grey days we have in the UK.

To go with the cheap films I use are the cheap cameras, most I have spent on one was £25 for a Lubitel with with a case, carry bag, light meter and some sort of weird side pistol grip that can hold a flash. Most of my cameras have been £15 and under nd I have found that the ones that give the best results have been under £5! My Konica Pop, Olympus SuperZoom and my BigView were all under £5 but the pictures that have come out have been stunning and that makes me wonder if I do actually need some of the more pricier 35mm cameras? Well I can can easily answer that and say no, I don’t need them but I wouldn’t say no if I had the chance to own one. I would love a LC-A, Diana F+and a Belair (all by Lomography) and I would love some nice old FED’s and a fisheye for my Zenits but these are all out of my price range for the time being so I will and do make do with what I have.

I will keep trudging along and enjoying what I use and chances are that when I do got something from my wishlist I will still enjoy using the cameras I started with.

In The Post

So this week has been quite busy for our postman.

The girlfriend and I are fans of oil/tart burners and have a small collection of scents…….now, I have always loved incense sticks but the girlfriend has not really been much of a fan but we agreed to take the plunge and buy some.

photo 3 photo 2

As you can see we (when I say we I mean I) bought quite a few different scents. With the holder I bought Angels’s Touch which has quite a cool manly smell. We also found someone who had a buy 5 get 2 free offer so we thought ‘why not?’ and ordered Lime, Nag Champa, Orange & Cinnamon, Sandlewood, Coconut, Strawberry and Honeysuckle. Not had the chance to burn any of these as they has only just come this morning but I have opened them all to have a smell and they are beautiful!

Next up I saw what was advertised as a 110 Diana clone called a Snappy and it was going for £1 so I placed a bid and won it! It just come this morning and while unboxing it I thought it looked a bit big and it turns out its a 120 camera! Im not that fussed that it’s for a different film but I am glad I didnt order some 110 film to go with it.

photo 4

Did a quick test and all the features are working but the only problem is that the lens comes off and exposes all the shutter mechanism but that can easily be sorted with a little bit of glue. Im thinking the girlfriend will be wanting to play with this one once we get some nice weather and days off together.

And last but no means least is my last purchase. I have been after a Holga for over a year now and had no idea which one to get. I was after a 135 just for the ease of processing but when I saw this on eBay I had to take a chance.

photo 1

So I bought a Holga GCFN. As you can see it’s the camo model, im not a big fan of that but it’s easy enough to paint so that’s something I can think about doing in the near future. The Holga came boxed along with 5 rolls of Fujifilm Superia 400 which cost about £5 per roll which is great because the whole lot only cost £22!


I’ll be getting reviews of the cameras up when the weather picks up and when I find the best wayto get the 120 film developed.